Size: 500 ml / 17 oz | Weight: 27 g | Neck standard: 28-410

Single stage-like PET bottle

Customer: Premium packaging producer from Italy used to manufacture top-quality cosmetic containers
Task: Help the customer produce premium cosmetic bottle on a 2-stage machine to increase capacity
Challenges: ✓ Achieve flawless scratch-free bottle exterior
✓ Shape sharp 90 degree shoulders – normally seen in bottles produced in 1-stage
✓ Guarantee even weight distribution throughout the bottle body
Solution: ✓ Preforms were produced on the injection machine with robotic take out system to minimize the impact that happens when preforms drop and scratch to each other before cooling down. Additionally, PET blower’s preform dumper was cushioned with softening material to save absorb impact during preform loading ✓ Preforms were heated immediately from the support ring to allow instant material stretching to shape sharp shoulders, and quadruple neck cooling was used to prevent preform neck from overheating