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Integrated blowing & packing


Integrated blowing & packing



An industry game-changer from FlexBlow is on its way.

BlowPack will be the world’s first integrated blowing & packing machine. And it’s about to blow your mind and the industry.

From preforms to palletized containers

Ever dreamt of a hassle-free manufacturing and packing process? We know you did, and we are working on it. BlowPack is designed as a fully automated solution – load the preforms in the morning and collect ready-made palletized containers in the evening.

Robotization, digitization, and automation are taken full-scale in this project.

Quality control

We know the quality of the containers is key. BlowPack is equipped with the newest integrated quality control innovations from FlexBlow. So, it’s coming as a three-in-one system: a blow molder, a leak detector, and a packer, and that are fully compatible.

No unqualified bottles will ever reach the packing stage.

Rapid changeover

FlexBlow’s blow molding machines are prominent for flexibility and close to zero changeover time. The same story goes with BlowPack. From one shape to another, from 50 ml to 10 L – switching between shapes can complete in just half an hour.

Just like with our SBM machines, the changeover from standard blowing to hot-fill process is as easy as possible.


BlowPack is not only the first of its kind. It’s also the most compact end-to-end blowing and packing line in the industry.

You’ll have to see it to believe it.

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