PET Bottle with lateral handle
Size: 425 ml / 14 oz | Weight: 20 g | Neck standard: TER PP

PP made in 2 stages

Customer: The largest memorial candle producer in the Baltic States
Task: Help the customer develop candle pot that would be safer and cheaper to transport compared to existing glass pot
Challenges: ✓ Develop a container that would be 5 times lighter than the original to cut transportation costs ✓ Achieve container with heat resistant properties to withstand the flame ✓ Make container shatterproof ✓ Adapt the new container to the existing filling line by retaining neck standard ✓ Achieve possibility to choose different colors
Solution: ✓ Plastic container was chosen for development to achieve lightness ✓ Use PP material for the best heat-resisting properties ✓ Develop customized preform to match original glass neck ✓ Use high-quality color batch to produce colored preforms