PET Bottle with lateral handle
Size: 500 ml / 17 oz | Weight: 36 g | Neck standard: 28-410

Complex oval shaped trigger bottle

Customer: Premium packaging producer from USA who wanted to introduce supreme trigger bottle to the range
Task: Help the customer produce the most oval bottle with extreme stretch ratios
Challenges: ✓ Achieve super flat bottle geometry without compromising weight distribution ✓ Ensure consistent color through the entire bottle body ✓ Achieve sharp definition of the complex bottle details ✓ Make container shatterproof ✓ Adapt the new container to the existing filling line by retaining neck standard ✓ Achieve possibility to choose different colors
Solution: ✓ Preform carefully re-designed to increase process stability ✓ Reduced preform weight to 61 grams ✓ Competitors blow mould was fitted in FlexBlow Stretch Blow Moulding Machine