PET Bottle with lateral handle
Size: 5 L / 1.3 gal | Weight: 73 g | Neck standard: 38CF

Bericap 3st

100% rPET bottle

Customer: Water bottling company that uses 73 g preforms to produce 5 L bottles
Task: Help customer become more environmentally friendly by introducing rPET
Challenges: ✓ Avoid cosmetic impurities
✓ Avoid chemical contamination
✓ Achieve even bottle weight distribution
✓ Retain drop impact resistance
✓ Sustain top Load
Solution: ✓ Pure rPET sourced by selecting certified rPET suppliers
✓ Preform carefully designed to increase process stability and retain physical properties of the bottle
✓ Quality color added to tone the preform and achieve virgin PET-like appearance
✓ In-house injection machines used for complete control of rPET preform injection process