FlexBlow, chosen as Lithuanian exporter of the year for 10 consecutive years, has started 2021 stronger than ever before. The company managed not only to deal with the global challenges brought by 2020, but also to turn them into new opportunities and increase manufacturing capacity by almost 20 percent.

FlexBlow manufactures the world’s most flexible PET stretch blow molding machines, offers turn-key solutions for bottling and blow molding industries, installs and services complete bottling lines, analyses and develops container and preform designs.

Tackling the issues in the global supply chains, the company expanded its service and distribution network to the USA, Europe, Saudi Arabia, and Japan. In response to the world going online, FlexBlow also solidified its on-site and online services by offering 24/7 live video support, online monitoring, maintenance and system upgrades on top of its local services.

“Alongside our main business, last year we’ve responded to the global demand related to COVID-19 issues by cooperating with scientists in developing and manufacturing plastic face shields (visors). We are currently working on a new protective solution – engineering and prototyping innovative protective shields,” says Gintautas Maksvytis, the company’s CEO.

FlexBlow has already expanded R&D and manufacturing capacity during the peak of the pandemic. The company launched a new 3,200 square meter plant at the very end of 2020. It has around 1,000 sq m dedicated solely to engineering, prototyping, and testing, and 3,000 sq m to manufacturing blow molding systems. “Thanks to our recent increase in capacity, we now have a large part of all manufacturing processes automated; we’ve also secured our positions in in-house mold production, in-house container and preform prototyping and real-life testing. This business decision definitely made us a strong player in bringing complete solutions for customers in the bottling and packaging industry,” stresses Mr. Maksvytis.